Work Experience

  Game Designer

    DHX Media | Spring 2016 – Spring 2017
      🐻 Game Designer on successful mobile game with over 1 million downloads
      🐻 Shipped 5 commercial games
      🐻 Worked in Unity and HTML5
      🐻 Designed, created, and implemented systems and content
      🐻 Followed Agile workflow

  QA Tester

    EA Sports | Winter 2016 – Spring 2016
      🐻 Worked closely with developers to test specific features pre- and post-integration
      🐻 Wrote and followed testing plans
      🐻 Submitted detailed bug reports
      🐻 Used DevTrack, Perforce, and Hansoft

  Lead Game Design Instructor

    digital Media Academy | Summer 2015
      🐻 Instructor for a tech-oriented youth summer camp
      🐻 Taught Unity and C# scripting, 3D game and level design, and Python programming
      🐻 Responsible for leading and teaching groups of students

  Junior Game Designer and QA

    Cackleberries Entertainment Inc. | Fall 2011 – Winter 2013
      🐻 Worked as part of a team creating educational games for young children
      🐻 Tested game builds and implemented bug fixes
      🐻 Created and implemented content and systems

  Independent Game Developer

    Personal learning projects | March 2015 – present
      🐻 Various small projects focused on developing skills
      🐻 Worked in Unity 3D, GameMaker Studio, and GameMaker Studio 2

    Nuclear Throne Run Tracker (tool – PC) | Winter 2015
      🐻 Developer of a tool for use alongside another developer’s game
      🐻 Used JSON data from a server to collect and display gameplay data

    Dullahan (video game – PC) | Summer 2015
      🐻 QA tester, designer, artist, and scripter of a puzzle platformer game
      🐻 Worked with a small team to develop a game with an extremely tight deadline

  Student Game Developer

    Space Gardener (video game – PC) | Summer 2014
      🐻 Sole designer and developer of a virtual terrarium game
      🐻 Shipped to highly positive reception from PC Gamer and Rock Paper Shotgun

    Void Ghosts (video game – PC) | Winter/Spring 2015
      🐻 sole designer and developer of a top down shooter game
      🐻 Self-published and released publicly

Software Skills

  🐻 Unity 3D + C#
  🐻 Game Maker Studio + GML
  🐻 Confluence, JIRA, Hansoft, Devtrack
  🐻 Plastic, Perforce, SourceTree, SVN
  🐻 Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint
  🐻 Photoshop, Aseprite, Blender, Premiere


  Game Art and Design Diploma

    the Art Institute of Vancouver | April 2013 – March 2015
      Learned game design and development, QA practices, and industry software.

  Computer Systems Technology

    British Columbia Institute of Technology | Spring 2011 – Fall 2011
      Learned, software, web, and database programming.