nuclear throne run tracker

tool description:

This handy tool gives you a clear visual representation of your current gameplay stats in vlambeer's game Nuclear throne.

  • Great for streams and YouTube!
  • Concise view of your current run!
  • Fits perfectly in the sidebar (at 1080p)!
  • Track your friends with save slots for up to 3 stream keys!
  • Short form or full name area display!
  • Daily and Weekly indicators!

In order to use this tool, you will need your Steam 64 bit ID, which can be found at sites like You'll also need your Stream Key, which can be found under Nuclear Throne's game settings.
Please play a couple games before attempting to connect, as it can take a bit of time for the server to recognize you.

my role:

I designed and scripted this tool on my own. it makes use of vlambeer's stream key api.

additional credits:

  • vlambeer: creators and owners of nuclear throne and all art assets used by this tool